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Publication NumberTitleAuthor
CDHORT200 Practical Math for the Turfgrass Professional CD Patton, Aaron
FCS459 Arkansas Fresh: Spinach (color) Rodibaugh, Rosemary
FCS495 Arkansas Fresh: Broccoli (color) Rodibaugh, Rosemary
FCS496 Arkansas Fresh: Cauliflower (color) Rodibaugh, Rosemary
FCS497 Arkansas Fresh: Potatoes Rodibaugh, Rosemary
FCS498 Arkansas Fresh: Tomatoes (color) Rodibaugh, Rosemary
FCS499 Arkansas Fresh: Apples (color) Rodibaugh, Rosemary
FCS500 Arkansas Fresh: Okra (color) Rodibaugh, Rosemary
FCS502 Arkansas Fresh: Peaches (color) Rodibaugh, Rosemary
FCS505 Arkansas Fresh: Greens (color) Rodibaugh, Rosemary
FCS506 Arkansas Fresh: Blueberries (color) Rodibaugh, Rosemary
FCS507 Arkansas Fresh: Strawberries (color) Rodibaugh, Rosemary
FCS508 Arkansas Fresh: Blackberries (color) Rodibaugh, Rosemary
FCS727 Arkansas Fresh: Sweet Potatoes (color) Rodibaugh, Rosemary
FCS729 Endless Gardening Magazine, Volume 1, 2012 (color) Vincent, Jessica
FCS743 Endless Gardening Magazine, Volume 2, 2013 (color) Vincent, Jessica
FCS812A Locally Grown Produce Harvest Calendar (with SnapEd logo) (color) Rodibaugh, Rosemary
FCS812B Locally Grown Produce Harvest Calendar (no SnapEd logo) (color) Rodibaugh, Rosemary
FSA2042 Establishing a Lawn From Sod (color) Patton, Aaron
FSA2087 Composting Hirrel, Suzanne
FSA2092 Timely Tips Series: Rooting Azaleas Klingaman, Gerald
FSA2094 Care of Houseplants Klingaman, Gerald
FSA2095 Timely Tips Series: Propagating Houseplants Klingaman, Gerald
FSA2096 Timely Tips Series: Fall Bulbs Klingaman, Gerald
FSA2112 Choosing a Grass for Arkansas Lawns Patton, Aaron
FSA2113 Seeding a Lawn in Arkansas (color) Patton, Aaron
FSA2114 Fertilizing Your Lawn Patton, Aaron
FSA2118 Understanding the Numbers on Your Soil Test Report Espinoza, Leo
FSA2118SP Como Interpretar los Resultados de los Analisis de Suelos (Spanish version of FSA2118, Understanding the Numbers on Your Soil Test Report) Espinoza, Leo
FSA2121 Test Your Soil for Plant Food and Lime Needs Espinoza, Leo
FSA2153 Soil Test Report, The Espinoza, Leo
FSA2155 Sod Farm Weed Control (color) Boyd, John
FSA2183 Metasulfuron Herbicide Damage on Woody Ornamentals Boyd, John
FSA2186 Weed Control in Arkansas Watermelon Production Bertucci, Matthew
FSA31 Marketing Your Products Directly Rainey, Ron
FSA40 Establishing a Vendor Agreement With Walmart McGraw, Katherine
FSA41 Organic Certification Process Rainey, Ron
FSA42 Organic Markets and Marketing Rainey, Ron
FSA46 Arkansas Specialty Crop Profile: Beekeeping English, Leah
FSA47 Arkansas Specialty Crop Profile: Fruit and Nut Production English, Leah
FSA48 Arkansas Specialty Crop Profile: Vegetable and Melon Production English, Leah
FSA49 Arkansas Specialty Crop Profile: Nursery and Greenhouse Industries English, Leah
FSA50 Arkansas Specialty Crop Profile: Turfgrass Industry English, Leah
FSA5011 Ten Easy Ways to Kill a Tree (And How to Avoid Them) Stuhlinger, Chris
FSA5022 Pine Needle Diseases in Arkansas (color) Barry, Jon
FSA5032 Pest on the Horizon: Asian Longhorned Beetle (color) Barry, Jon
FSA5034 Pine Bark Beetles in Arkansas (color) Barry, Jon
FSA6001 Home Gardening Series: Guide to Vegetable Culture Fact Sheets Andersen, Craig
FSA6002 Home Gardening Series: Asparagus Andersen, Craig
FSA6003 Home Gardening Series: Beans Andersen, Craig
FSA6004 Home Gardening Series: Broccoli Andersen, Craig
FSA6005 Home Gardening Series: Brussels Sprouts Andersen, Craig
FSA6006 Home Gardening Series: Cabbage Andersen, Craig
FSA6007 Home Gardening Series: Cauliflower Andersen, Craig
FSA6008 Home Gardening Series: Sweet Corn Andersen, Craig
FSA6009 Home Gardening Series: Cucumbers Andersen, Craig
FSA6010 Home Gardening Series: Eggplant Andersen, Craig
FSA6011 Home Gardening Series: Lettuce Andersen, Craig
FSA6012 Home Gardening Series: Watermelons Andersen, Craig
FSA6013 Home Gardening Series: Okra Andersen, Craig
FSA6014 Home Gardening Series: Onions Andersen, Craig
FSA6015 Home Gardening Series: Peppers Andersen, Craig
FSA6016 Home Gardening Series: Irish Potatoes Andersen, Craig
FSA6017 Home Gardening Series: Tomatoes Andersen, Craig
FSA6018 Home Gardening Series: Sweet Potatoes Andersen, Craig
FSA6019 Home Gardening Series: Summer Squash Andersen, Craig
FSA6020 Home Gardening Series: Southern Peas Andersen, Craig
FSA6022 Flowering Annuals Klingaman, Gerald
FSA6023 Mowing Your Lawn (color) Patton, Aaron
FSA6024 Plant Propagation for Home Gardeners Robbins, Jim
FSA6029 Compost Units Series: Easy Compost Hirrel, Suzanne
FSA6030 Compost Units Series: Three-Bin Turning Compost Bins Hirrel, Suzanne
FSA6031 Compost Units Series: Wooden-Pallet and Wire-Mesh Compost Bins Hirrel, Suzanne
FSA6032 Compost Units Series: Worm Composting Bin Hirrel, Suzanne
FSA6033 Compost Units Series: Wood-and-Wire Three-Bin Turning Compost Bin Hirrel, Suzanne
FSA6034 Compost Units Series: Compost Tumblers Hirrel, Suzanne
FSA6036 Understanding the Composting Process Hirrel, Suzanne
FSA6042 Pruning Fruit Trees Horticulture
FSA6047 Timely Tips Series: Common Landscape Plants Klingaman, Gerald
FSA6051 Starting a Greenhouse Business (Part 1): Some Basic Questions Robbins, Jim
FSA6052 Starting a Greenhouse Business (Part 2): Estimating Income Potential Robbins, Jim
FSA6055 Nursery Series: Starting a Wholesale Nursery, Part I Robbins, Jim
FSA6056 Nursery Series: Starting a Wholesale Nursery, Part II Robbins, Jim
FSA6058 Apple Production in the Home Garden Garcia, Elena
FSA6059 Pear Production in the Home Garden Garcia, Elena
FSA6060 Stone Fruit Production in the Home Garden (Nectarines, Plums and Peaches) Striegler, Keith
FSA6061 Irrigation Water for Greenhouses and Nurseries Robbins, Jim
FSA6063 Home Gardening Series: Beets Andersen, Craig
FSA6064 Home Gardening Series: Carrots Andersen, Craig
FSA6065 Home Gardening Series: Chard Andersen, Craig
FSA6066 Home Gardening Series: Chinese Cabbage Andersen, Craig
FSA6067 Home Gardening Series: Collards Andersen, Craig
FSA6068 Home Gardening Series: Endive-Escarole Andersen, Craig
FSA6069 Home Gardening Series: Kale Andersen, Craig
FSA6070 Home Gardening Series: Leeks Andersen, Craig
FSA6071 Home Gardening Series: Muskmelon Andersen, Craig
FSA6072 Home Gardening Series: Mustard Greens Andersen, Craig
FSA6073 Home Gardening Series: English Peas Andersen, Craig
FSA6074 Home Gardening Series: Pumpkins Andersen, Craig
FSA6075 Home Gardening Series: Radishes Andersen, Craig
FSA6076 Home Gardening Series: Rhubarb Andersen, Craig
FSA6077 Home Gardening Series: Spinach Andersen, Craig
FSA6078 Home Gardening Series: Winter Squash Andersen, Craig
FSA6079 Home Gardening Series: Turnips-Rutabagas Andersen, Craig
FSA6080 Home Gardening Series: Celeriac Andersen, Craig
FSA6081 Home Gardening Series: Chicory Andersen, Craig
FSA6082 Home Gardening Series: Chives Andersen, Craig
FSA6083 Home Gardening Series: Fennel Andersen, Craig
FSA6084 Home Gardening Series: Garden Cress Andersen, Craig
FSA6085 Home Gardening Series: Garlic Andersen, Craig
FSA6086 Home Gardening Series: Gourds Andersen, Craig
FSA6087 Home Gardening Series: Horseradish Andersen, Craig
FSA6088 Home Gardening Series: Jerusalem Artichoke Andersen, Craig
FSA6089 Home Gardening Series: Kohlrabi Andersen, Craig
FSA6090 Home Gardening Series: Mung Beans Andersen, Craig
FSA6091 Home Gardening Series: Parsley Andersen, Craig
FSA6092 Home Gardening Series: Parsnip Andersen, Craig
FSA6093 Home Gardening Series: Peanuts Andersen, Craig
FSA6094 Home Gardening Series: Salsify Andersen, Craig
FSA6095 Home Gardening Series: Shallots Andersen, Craig
FSA6096 Nursery Series: Sources and References for the Nursery Industry 2012 Robbins, Jim
FSA6097 Greenhouse and Nursery Series: Growing Media for Container Production in a Greenhouse or Nursery, Part I - Components and Mixes Robbins, Jim
FSA6098 Greenhouse and Nursery Series: Growing Media for Container Production in a Greenhouse or Nursery, Part II - Physical and Chemical Properties Robbins, Jim
FSA6099 Nursery, Greenhouse, Landscape Series: Ornamental Horticulture Businesses: Licenses Robbins, Jim
FSA6100 Greenhouse Series: Sources and References for the Greenhouse Industry 2012 Robbins, Jim
FSA6102 Fresh Market Southern Pea Production in South Arkansas Izekor, Steve
FSA6103 Strawberry Production in the Home Garden Striegler, Keith
FSA6104 Blueberry Production in the Home Garden Garcia, Elena
FSA6105 Blackberry Production in the Home Garden Garcia, Elena
FSA6107 Raspberry Production in the Home Garden Striegler, Keith
FSA6108 Muscadine Grape Production in the Home Garden Striegler, Keith
FSA6109 Landscape Series: Sources and References for the Landscape Industry 2012 Robbins, Jim
FSA6110 Pecan Production in the Home Garden Chapman, Dan
FSA6111 Garden Phlox (color) Robbins, Jim
FSA6112 Leaf Spot of Redtip Photinia (color) Smith, Sherrie
FSA6113 Powdery Mildew of Landscape Ornamentals (color) Smith, Sherrie
FSA6114 Submitting Plant Samples for Disease Diagnosis Smith, Sherrie
FSA6114SP Envio de Muestras de Plantas para el Diagnostico de Enfermedades (Spanish version of FSA6114, Submitting Plant Samples for Disease Diagnosis) Smith, Sherrie
FSA6116 Houseplant Problems and Solutions Klingaman, Gerald
FSA6117 Lamb Brothers System of Container Gardening (color) Njue, Obadiah
FSA6118 Lawn Care Calendar: Tall Fescue Boyd, John
FSA6119 Lawn Care Calendar: St. Augustinegrass Boyd, John
FSA6120 Lawn Care Calendar: Centipedegrass Boyd, John
FSA6121 Lawn Care Calendar: Bermudagrass Boyd, John
FSA6122 Lawn Care Calendar: Zoysiagrass Boyd, John
FSA6123 Nursery Series: Weed Control in Container Nurseries Robbins, Jim
FSA6124 Woody Plant Control in Landscapes Boyd, John
FSA6126 Landscape Trees for Specific Uses Robbins, Jim
FSA6127 Nursery Series: Weed Control in Field Nurseries Boyd, John
FSA6128 Landscape Series: Planting a Tree or Shrub Robbins, Jim
FSA6129 Tree Fruit Cultivar Recommendations for Arkansas Garcia, Elena
FSA6130 Small Fruit Cultivar Recommendations for Arkansas Garcia, Elena
FSA6131 Fertilizer and Cultural Recommendations for Pecan Trees Garcia, Elena
FSA6132 Foliar Sampling for Fruit Crops Garcia, Elena
FSA6133 Two-Scaffold Perpendicular V - A New Training System for Arkansas Peach and Nectarine Orchards (color) Garcia, Elena
FSA6134 Liming Your Lawn Patton, Aaron
FSA6135 Nutritional and Medicinal Qualities of Sweetpotato Tops and Leaves (color) Islam, Shahidul
FSA6137 Weed Control in Landscape Plantings Boyd, John
FSA6138 Plant Injury From Sour Wood Mulch Robbins, Jim
FSA6139 Thatch Prevention and Control (color) Patton, Aaron
FSA6140 Growing Turfgrass in Shade Patton, Aaron
FSA6141 Nematode Management in Lawns (color) Patton, Aaron
FSA6142 Busting the Most Common Lawn Myths and Misconceptions Patton, Aaron
FSA6143 Building a Backyard Putting Green Patton, Aaron
FSA6144 Managing Anthracnose on Golf Course Putting Greens (color) Young, Joseph
FSA6145 Turfgrass Industry Officially Loses MSMA, The Patton, Aaron
FSA6146 Guide to Fungicide Resistance in Turf Systems, A (color) Young, Joseph
FSA6147 Cost of Constructing a Metal Hoop High Tunnel Robbins, Jim
FSA6148 Pruning Ornamental Shrubs (and Grasses) (color) Robbins, Jim
FSA6149 Homeowner's Guide to Pruning Ornamental Trees (color) Robbins, Jim
FSA6150 Pilot Certification and Aircraft Registration for Non-Hobby Users of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Robbins, Jim
FSA6151 Features to Consider When Purchasing a Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) (color) Robbins, Jim
FSA7036 Fire Ant Control in Two Easy Steps Loftin, Kelly
FSA7053 Federal Imported Fire Ant Quarantine, The Loftin, Kelly
FSA7056 Wireworm Control in Sweet Potato Izekor, Steve
FSA7061 Subterranean Termite Identification and Biology Hopkins, John
FSA7062 Common Questions About Japanese Beetles in Arkansas Loftin, Kelly
FSA7064 Granulate Ambrosia Beetle (color) Hopkins, John
FSA7066 Emerald Ash Borer: An Invasive Pest of Ash Trees in Arkansas (color) Hopkins, John
FSA7071 Invasive Woodwasp, Sirex noctilio: A Potential Pest of Pines in Arkansas (color) Hopkins, John
FSA7073 Light Brown Apple Moth: A Potential Invasive Pest in Arkansas (color) Hopkins, John
FSA7074 Biology and Management of Grape Phylloxera (color) Johnson, Donn
FSA7079 Biology, Identification and Management of Spotted Wing Drosophila (color) Johnson, Donn
FSA7080 Brown Marmorated Stink Bug: A Potential Pest of Arkansas Fruits and Vegetables (color) Johnson, Donn
FSA7082 Biology, Identification and Management of Raspberry Crown Borer (color) Johnson, Donn
FSA7086 Crapemyrtle Bark Scale: A New Insect Pest (color) Robbins, Jim
FSA7503 Home Fruit Orchard Sprays Studebaker, Glenn
FSA7504 Control Peach Tree Borers on Commercially Grown Peach And Plum Trees Studebaker, Glenn
FSA7510 Insect Pest Management in the Home Vegetable Garden Hopkins, John
FSA7525 Daylily Rust (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7527 Rhizoctonia Large Patch Disease of Zoysiagrass and Bermudagrass (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7528 Gray Mold - A Silent Strawberry Nemesis (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7530 Black Spot of Rose (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7533 Anthracnose Diseases of Common Landscape Trees (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7534 Fire Blight of Ornamental Pear (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7535 Leaf Blister of Oak (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7536 Branch Canker and Dieback of Leyland Cypress (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7537 Slime Molds - Landscape Curiosities (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7538 Cedar-Apple Rust (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7539 Fairy Ring of Turfgrass (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7540 Home Pecan Diseases and Control (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7541 Dollar Spot of Turfgrass in the Home Landscape (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7542 Grey Mold of Greenhouse Ornamentals (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7543 Fusiform Rust in Arkansas (color) Barry, Jon
FSA7545 Stem Rot of Annual Vinca (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7546 Azalea Leaf and Flower Gall (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7548 Hosta Virus X (color) Smith, Sherrie
FSA7549 Diseases of Turnip and Mustard Greens (color) Smith, Sherrie
FSA7551 Bermudagrass Spring Dead Spot (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7552 Wetwood of Shade Trees (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7553 Algal Leaf Spot of Magnolia (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7554 Lichens of Woody Ornamentals (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7555 Sooty Mold of Woody Ornamentals (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7556 Black Rot of Grapes (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7557 Hypoxylon Canker of Hardwood Shade Trees (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7558 Brown Patch of Tall Fescue Lawns (color) Patton, Aaron
FSA7559 Rust of Arkansas Turfgrass (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7560 Take-All Root Rot of Warm-Season Turf (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7561 Sapsucker Damage on Woody Plants (color) Robbins, Jim
FSA7562 Alternative Plant Disease Management Practices for the Home Garden Vann, Stephen
FSA7563 Management of Important Blackberry Diseases in Arkansas (color) Sanders, Sherri
FSA7564 Anthracnose Diseases of Dogwood (color) Smith, Sherrie
FSA7565 Pythium Diseases of Turfgrass (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7566 Gray Leaf Spot of St. Augustinegrass (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7568 Managing Tomato Diseases in Arkansas (color) Smith, Sherrie
FSA7569 Bipolaris Leaf Spot and Melting Out of Bermudagrass and Other Warm-Season Turfgrasses (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7570 Cercospora Leaf Spot of Hydrangea (color) Smith, Sherrie
FSA7575 Managing Fungicide Resistance (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7576 Grafting Tomatoes for Arkansas Growers (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7577 Boxwood Blight: A New Ornamental Disease Threat (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7578 Smooth Patch of Oak Trees (color) Vann, Stephen
FSA7579 Rose Rosette Disease (color) Di Bello, Patrick
FSA9111 Electric Fence Designs for Deterring White-tailed Deer McPeake, Becky
FSA9532 Understanding Nutrient Management Laws for Turf Grass, Lawn Care and Landscaping (color) Daniels, Michael
FSA9533 Rain Gardens and Stormwater (color) Teague, Katherine
FSA9534 Building Rain Barrels to Harvest Rainwater (color) Teague, Katherine
FSA9618 Is Aquaponics for You? Realities and Potentials for Arkansas (color) Recsetar, Matt
FSA9800 Food Safety Modernization Act Food Safety Rules, The Perez, Amanda Philyaw
FSA9801 Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Food Safety Plans and Audits Seideman, Steve
FSA9802 Arkansas Voluntary Farm Food Safety Assessment Seideman, Steve
FSFCS05 Consumer's Guide to Safe Handling of Locally Grown Produce, A Brochetti, Denise
FSFCS07 Canning Tomatoes Tucker, Easter
FSFCS09 Quick Process Pickles Dement, Karla
MP128 Vegetable Gardening in Arkansas OUT OF STOCK AT THIS TIME Andersen, Craig
MP154 Arkansas Plant Disease Control Products Guide 2020 Faske, Travis
MP310 Hollies for the Home Garden (color) Robbins, Jim
MP419 Beekeeping Zawislak (Studebaker)
MP422 Year-Round Home Garden Planting Chart (11x17 inches) Njue, Obadiah
MP431 Sweet Potato Production Guide for Limited Resource Farmers Izekor, Steve
MP44 Recommended Chemicals for Weed and Brush Control for Arkansas 2020 Barber, Tom
MP465 Arkansas Landscape Plant Cards (color) (set of 5.5 x 4.25 inch cards held together with post) Robbins, Jim
MP467 Arkansas Small Fruit Management Schedule 2020 Smith, Sherrie
MP468 Arkansas Common Landscape Problems (color) Sanders, Sherri
MP476 Establishing Seeded Zoysiagrass on Lawns and Golf Courses Patton, Aaron
MP477 Establishing Seeded Bermudagrass on Lawns, Golf Courses or Athletic Fields Patton, Aaron
MP478 12 Wildlife Habitat Tips for Small Acreages McPeake, Becky
MP481 Controlling Nematodes on Golf Courses (color) Kirkpatrick, Terrence
MP510 Evergreen Hedge or Screen Plants for Arkansas (color) Robbins, Jim
MP521 Turfgrass Weed Control (color) Boyd, John
MP543 Significant Timeline Events for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) 1926-2017 (color) Robbins, Jim
MP558 Arkansas Common Cucurbit Problems Smith, Sherrie