University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Personnel Directory

Division of Agriculture Personnel Directory

Mary Barrentine (501) 623-6841 Administrative Specialist I Garland County
Allen Bates (501) 623-6841 CEA - Agriculture Garland County
Linda Bates (501) 623-6841 CEA - 4-H Garland County
Alison Crane (501) 623-6841 CEA-FCS Garland County
Jimmy Driggers (501) 623-6841 CEA - Staff Chair Garland County
Lindsey Rucker (501) 623-6841 County Ext. Agent-FCS Garland County
Patti Tucker (501) 623-6841 Administrative Specialist III Garland County
Jessica Vincent (501) 671-5809 Health & Wellness Coordinator Garland County

Last Update: 4/26/2018 2:55:01 AM

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